Our staff is experienced with children dentistry and our office manager 'Debbie' has incredible experience in dealing with insurance companies.

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A Smile You Can Trust.

Dr. M Diab is a registered certified specialist in Pediatric dentistry. Pediatric dentists have extra specialized years in managing children's dentistry and complicated issues

Urgent sedation: We offer sedation (general anesthetic) for children who can't tolerate dental work in the chair, and for complicated dental procedures. Dr. Diab provides this service in a certified surgical center with certified medical anesthesiologists.

Making good habits.
​We teach how to help your child

brush and floss & good diet to

prevent tooth decay and gum disease. We have  high quality digital  imaging ( X-Ray )  designed for children

Emergency kids dentistry and urgent need for sedation dentistry 

​Certified ​​​​​​​​Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry

University of Montreal

Masters MSc in Biomedical Science

Passion, dedication, knowledge and commitment to help

Office follows Alberta dental specialist fee guide

Email: info@windermerepd.ca

​​​​​​​Dr. Mai Diab 

DDS, MSc, FRCD (c)​

Our office has large private closed treatment rooms for social distancing.

​We implemented strict infection control measures for your safety

We follow the Alberta specialists fee guide

Specialist and board certified in
Children's Dentistry and dental 
treatment under general anesthesia
Office follows Alberta specialists fee guide 
​Direct Billing - CDCP Provider