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Direct Billing to Majority of Insurance Companies and kids government programs

Who We Are

We know there's nothing in the world that gives parents more joy than seeing a warm smile spread across their children's

We want your kids to have everything in the world to smile about 
we have the passion, dedication, commitment, knowledge and lots of experience to make that happen.

Welcome to Windermere Pediatric Dentistry

Making good habits

From nightly brushing

and flossing, to some easy dietary

tips - We teach you what to do for your child to ensure good oral health

Healthy Mouth. Healthy Body.

Windermere Pediatric Dentistry

Speciality in children dentistry from toddlers to teenagers. Complete range of dental services for kids.

​General anesthesia available through us provided in separate certified surgical centre


Dr M Diab

Specialist in Pediatric (children) Dentistry from University of Montreal

Masters MSc in Biomedical Sciences

Graduate University of Montreal

Over 20 years of experience

​Our staff is experienced with children dentistry and our office manager "Debbie"  has incredible experience in dealing with insurance companies  

Emergencies & Accidents

Your child can suddenly wake up with tooth ache or come back from school with teeth hurting, it can happen suddenly and over night.

Teeth injuries can happen from falling or contact sports or playing.

Our office can help your child to overcome these emergencies. 

Care Advice

We can help your child.

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Windermere PediatricDentistry

Mai Diab,DDS, MSc,FRCD (c)

​Registered Certified Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry