- Examinations (check up) for children, teenagers and young adults. We recommend to start at very young age.
- Digital Xrays using Planmeca 2D S2 with extra oral bitewing and panomramic efficient imaging, easy & comfortable.

- Treatment under general anesthesia at an outside (certified) surgical suite (Thrive Services Centre); A certified facility and certified medical anesthesiologists.

- Oral hygiene, Teeth cleaning Fluoride gel and fluoride varnish applications to prevent dental decay.

- Cavity prevention and sealants for teeth with deep fissures & grooves to prevent dental decay.

- Dental restorations (fillings) on baby teeth and permanent teeth that have tooth decay.

- Extractions (removal of teeth) including orthodontic extractions.

- Space maintainers to prevent teeth shifting after extractions of teeth.

- Preventive orthodontic for minor cases.

- Management of teeth trauma / teeth fractures.

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